Color picker / dmx / performance

hi, everyone;

i am trying to replace an openframeworks project to touchdesigner, but performance has been an issue to what i am attempting to do. probably because i am a total beginner at this new environment. help is very welcome! :slight_smile:

i would like to create a low res canvas with 4 videos side by side and create a multiple color picker to send dmx/artnet to a lot of equipments. i am using the example color picker, but with that i can only send RGB values to one equipment. if i multiply the color picker and create lots of TOPtoCHOPS, the fps goes down.

is there a way to get more than one point (U/V) from TOPtoCHOPS? i need to choose the points individually, and cant be by the example workshop pixel mapping ( that gets a line/circle/etc SOPs with a lot of points and sends to dmx.

hope i was clear here
any help is welcomed!
thank you!

Hi @novasfronteiras, welcome to the community. It would be easier to provide help if you could share your example file.

hi @ben
thank you for the reply

below is a .tox i created to get the input from the videos, change its size to have better performance, and send multiple color pickers to a lot of dmx equipments. in this case, as i am creating a lot of top to chops the fps is getting very low to every equipment i add.

the idea would be to split a lot of points from one top to chop, choosing u and v for each point, and send its RGB and DIMMER(possible?) to dmx.

it is still a development project, but i think you can understand from that.

thank you!
best, diogo

dmx.tox (3.4 KB)

Hi @novasfronteiras I think there’s a feature of the TOP to CHOP that will help you here. The CHOP input on that CHOP accepts a set of UV coords and will return a set of samples with colors from those areas. A shuffle and re-order should then put these into format that’s more friendly for talking to your DMX instruments. Take a look at this example:

base_uvs_and_top_to.tox (726 Bytes)


that is exactly the point, @raganmd
thank you for the help!!

still a beginner at TD, but loving it

glad that was helpful! Hope you get to share some photos of what you’re working on.

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thank you very much for the tip, @raganmd
now i can position all lights correctly with low lost of fps.
as soon as i get things working, i send some pictures here

what i cant find in here is how to send parameters to the DAT table.
it would be nice to deliver in real time the position of the lights.
is there any place i can look for general .tox and .toe to understand better the way TD works?


Do you just want to write the values to an existing table?

The syntax for that operation in Python is:

op(someTableOp)[targetRowIndexOrName, targetColIndexOrName] = targetVal

if you have lot of fixtures you might consider leaving that data in CHOPs and using the DMX CHOP to communicate with the device.