Colorizing Top - 2020-04-09 12:03

Colorizing Top

Link to main site


Looks great. Thx for sharing!

Awesome! I’m watching Charlie Chaplin colorized :smile:
Thank you!

Hey xbimax,
Are you really watching Charlie Chaplin colorised ?
Is this a good Result ?

Happy to share !

yes @shieman I tried out quickly with screengrab directly from youtube. I’ve also watched some Fellini old movies.
Oh yeah i should try Pi by Aronofsky!
btw it really works great on images, like I’m impressed by the elephant and surprised by the fact that it guessed the color of the reptile!
Also was the uniform red in reality? or it was green? because it should be the uniform from the great dictator… :face_with_monocle:


It give good results with B&W photos with good quality.
On old photographies, the results look like old color photographies.
What is interresting, it brings some depth on some images.

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Hi Shieman, first of all THANK YOU for this wonderful work!
I’ve got some issue on the TOE, I always get a “Failed to load DLL” error.
My situation:

  1. I’ve got a TD PRO license running on a I7 7, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070
  2. I downloaded the opencv_world420.dll and copied on the “release” folder of the project, near the Colorizing.DLL
  3. I downloaded and installed the CUDA 10.2
  4. I downloaded the cuDNN and copied the bin/include/lib contents in the corresponding CUDA installation folder.
  5. I downloaded both colorization_deploy_v2.prototxt and colorization_release_v2.caffemodel and copied in the “release” folder.
    The patch freezes on loading as it reaches 100%.
    I also tried to open the “crash” file, put the DLL CplusPlus comp in stanbu and relaunch the patch. In this case it loads, but as soon as I activate the CPlusPlus TD freezes completly.
    Have any idea what I’m doing wrong?
    Thank you!


I think you did all necessary. I didn’t use it last time with latest td versions, but that should not be the problem.
I wrote some c++ tops but I am not sure if the input is empty…
Did you try a new patch with the c++ top with unload plugin then put a movie file in top with a valid picture or movie, then put the dll path in the plugin path, then load plugin…
May be

Now i am on holidays till 20 August, I don’t have my computer so I can not try…
If you don’t need « realtime « but want to coloriée pictures or movies and if you know a little python then you can try deoldify, there is a github. I used it last time cause the results are better for the pictures and movies I wanted to colorize…

Thank you for your reply.
I tried what you wrote, but the patch still freezes as I load the DLL.
Please, enjoy your holidays, we’ll talk again later! :smiley:

I will contact you later

Hi Shieman, please,take your time.

Hi Shieman, I just tried on another clean PC.
I get the “Failed to load the .dll” issue. :frowning: