COLORS - a color palette tool

COLORS is a color picker tool that lets you create, organize, and select color schemes.
Use this to create beautiful GUIs, ramps, or… let me know if you use it some other way !


  • Create your own palettes
  • Blend between 2 schemes
  • Generate color palettes from COLOURlovers
  • Store, Access, and Delete palettes from your library
  • Network ends with chop, dat, and top outs to use your palettes however you want!

Future Plans:

  • Implement color weight from api
  • Organize palettes in to subgroups or tags
  • Use an input color to suggest palettes

This tool uses the colourlovers API, found here:

[size=125]Download the most recent version here…[/size]
Colors_v0.8.tox (47.2 KB)

'Njoy :slight_smile:

[size=60]tags: xml, drop script, python, gui, table dat, storage, dat execute, chop execute, align order, clone, clone immune, hex, rgb, API, web dat, web parsing[/size]
PALLETTE088.tox (25.5 KB)

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Awesome job, thanks! Could come in super useful…

Super , thanks a lot.

Just uploaded an update.
Now added a version number so you can track changes or help make them!
You can now also create your own palettes via GUI and transition between them.

Also have a request!
for 5 TouchDesigner points [size=85](made up currency)[/size]:
Any tscript wizards wanting to convert the color picker tool from the TUIK library from tscript in to python? It would keep this COLORS tool 100% Python! Located in /COLORS/Controls/buttonCreate/colorCreator/colorpicker

We’ll done,
Thank you for sharing.

Excellent tool! I’ve been using it with our LED control patch to control colors :slight_smile:

fabulous color-mixing tool. highly therapeautic!

This thing is great. It helped me work through a similar problem using Adobe Color palettes. (Only way more rudimentary).

Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for sharing.


This is cool, thanks for sharing!