Colour Lover Palette Picker - 2020-03-26 21:00

Colour Lover Palette Picker

Link to main site

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Thank you so much! great tool!

This is a great contribution, thank you! Wondering if it’s possible to specify the number of colors, or does it always = 5? I have a direct application in which a palette generator of 8 colors would be quite useful.

Hi @jesgilbert, thanks for your interest. The tool is not generating the colors but is browsing the Colour Lovers website, which is mostly filled with 5colors palettes. This is the reason why palettes length are only == 5.

When I download this and put it into TD it doesn’t let me do anything after that it doesn’t let me pick through options its almost as if the Colour Palatte screen is frozen. I cant change through tabs or anything. Is there something i forgot to download?

Hi @LacunaVoid, for any component that has a control panel, to interact with it you must make the viewer active. See Viewer Active for info

This is epic. Thanks

I’m having trouble getting palette’s to load. Anyone else have this issue?

hi @AustinRhea ,
I never tested the tool with 2021.15240 version on macOS, but I will do tonight and let you know if it works on my side.

Did you make the “Viewer Active” so you can interact with the UI?

I just tested the tool with latest stable build on macOS and it works fine. Have you tried to delete it and import again ? Have you tried to activate the viewer and click the “refresh” button at the top of the window ? Sorry but this issue is weird, without any further informations I can’t tell what’s happening.

Hey @michelchrome! This is such a fantastic tool. Thank you for making it!

I’m using version 2021.38110 on a windows 10 computer. I’m able to activate the color palettes, however I’m not able to actually see the colors in the palette or the name until I select it. It then appears in the field at the bottom as well in the network. Ive included an image of what the palette looks like. Fresh day is one of the blank ones. Thank you again!

Hi @semtex30 , yes unfortunately the latest experimental broke the tool :confused: .
I’m on it but very busy on other projects at this time, I will try to release a new version soon !

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Take your time my friend!

I was looking into trying to patch this tool, but it looks like the latest release (2022.26590) fixed the issue. Per the release notes:

  • Cache TOP - Allow Cache TOP replace pulse to be called multiple times per frame. This fixes problems reported with colour_lovers_picker.tox

Thank you Derivative!

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