Combine channels with expression

I have a CHOP with two channels a and b and want to get, as a result, an output CHOP with one channel, c which is the result of, say, (a + 1) / b. I thought the Expression CHOP would do it, but it outputs as many channels as I put in. In a Math CHOP, on the other hand, I cannot enter expressions, just choose simple operators from dropdowns. What am I missing?

Hey @peterho,

as I’m lazy with typing expressions, I’d just use 2 Math CHOPs. The first one has the Scope Parameter on the Common page set to the channel a and the Pre-Add parameter on the Multi-Add page set to 1 while the second Math CHOP combines the 2 channels with the Divide setting in the Combine Channels parameter.

If you would want to use the Expression CHOP, first set the Channels per Expr parameter to 2 and turn on the Limit Output Channels parameter. Now the expression should be:

(me.inputVal + 1) / me.inputs[0][1]

Hope this helps