Combining two TOP component

The first component filled with 3 movie files, and they are triggered with keyboardin chop respectively.
The second component is a audio-reactive TOP.
For now when no key is pressed, the output is black.
I want my second component to shown up while no key is pressed, and when any key (assigned to moviefilein CHOP) is pressed, the screen runs the videos inserted. In this file keys are a,s,d.
And I’m confused where to connect the second component.
Any help will be appreciated.

audio_reactive.tox (10.5 KB) hideguide_audioreactive.toe (16.3 KB)

You can use a Logic CHOP to generate 0 and 1 when a key has been pressed or not. Then use either a switch TOP or cross TOP to cross/switch between your reactive output and your movie output. Export or use Python expression to send the output of the Logic chop to the cross/switch param of either the switch or the cross TOP.

I haven’t looked at your file, but that’s the general design pattern that I use quite often for these kind of cases.

Hope it helps.


I figured out the way through with your advice.