Commercial TouchPlayer not working osc and dmx

Hello there!

I just bought comercial player license for an installation and i found few bugs: I´m runnig windows version 2019.16600

DMX and OSC IN DAT are not working…

If i play with the non-comercial and educational or commercial, i receive osc by osc in dat and can send few dmx channel to dmx out chop

But when i add player commercial license and open aplication, doesn´t send dmx and doesn´t receive osc…

Could be a bug or player commercial is limited to these component?



TouchPlayer player commercial has the same features as the TouchDesigner commercial license, so it’s not a license limit you’re encountering - I also use DMX and OSC in a TouchPlayer license - they even work in the free license.
Have you doublechecked it’s not a firewall issue on that machine?

yes firewall is off, and is working on free, educational and commercial but not the player… wierd