Communication between 3 sliders

Wrestling with some logic for slider communication

I have 3 sliders with integer values1-3.

I need to allow communication between them so that for instance

If slider1 value changes to 2

then slider 2’s value changes to slider1’s previous value or 1

and if slider1’s value changes to 3

then slider3’s value would also change to slider1’s previous value which would be 2 in this case.

The net result is that none of the 3 slider values should be duplicated. Only one value1, one value 2, one value 3.

One approach (pictured) would be to have a Parameter Execute DAT linked to each slider and put the logic in the OnValueChanged callback.

…but after almost a day of wrestling with this always end up with circular logic that breaks.

Would appreciate any feedback from Python wizards! Attaching .toe.

sliderCommunication.toe (54.9 KB)