Comp TOP solving

I try to make composition follow the tutorial like this (First Image)
but in step that i followed the tutorial i can’t make any composition like in the tutorial (Second Image)

If anyone who know how to make the composition (first image), please reply, thankyou so much!!

Hi @0object,

This is difficult without you sharing your file and a link to the tutorial.

It does.look like you are scaling in the Transform TOPs While the tutorial is offsetting the texture?
Also, are you using the same Compositing Methods?


reorder looks different as well… sometimes when following a tutorial you need to pause and take a look at all the settings on the operator inspector, it very well could be that they’ve done something that you didn’t catch, or wasn’t articulated in the voiceover. I commonly see this with noises, and missing the pixel format necessary, like 32bit float RG for UVs for instance