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What I trying to do is:
I have 4 times constantly changing value. For exemple 4 waveChops giving out their values to constantChops. No I want to find out which of th waveChop-value is currenty the highest. If WaveChop 1 gives at a certain moment out the highest value of all 4 waveChops then I will need an output/selection of the value “1”. As soon as e.g. waveChop2 oder 3 is the highest the value it should change according to “2” or “3”.
Unfortunately I cannot even think of a start how to solve this problem. Would be happy if someone could help me out with that.
COMPARE.tox (742 Bytes)

if you merge the 3 wave channels , and then add a Shuffle CHOP (set to swap channels and samples) , you’ll get a single channel which has 3 samples. An Analyze CHOP (set to Maximum) gives you the maximum value in that channel.
COMPARE_analyze.tox (910 Bytes)

Hello Nettoyeur,
thanks a lot for your file. But to be honest I dont really understand it. What di ge out from the shullfel and what from the analyse tool?

And maybe I hannt been clear in my description. Just to be sure: In the end I will need an output with the value “1”, as soon as the wave1 has the highest value of alle the waves, value “2” as soon as Wave2 is the highest and os on. I will need to enter thsi values in a selector to change its selection according to the wave that is the highest.

Nettoyeur’s method is solid, just select ‘Index of Maximum’ in the function drop down menu of the analyze CHOP. if you want to start at 1, instead of 0, which is where indices start, stick a math chop on and add 1.

Ah sorry I only glanced for a sec at your question and thought you needed the highest value itself, for the index indeed what corbin says

That’ll teach me to read properly next time :wink:
cheers idzard