Composite multiple layers?

I wonder how to make an image composition with multiple layers (like 10) and control opacity for example?
Thanks anyway.

You can put a Level TOP immediately after each image before plugging them into your Composite TOP. The Composite TOP accepts multiple inputs and the Level TOP’s opacity parameter will control the amount each image is added to the composite.


Hi Ben! That’s great! Thanks so much! I’m working with 2D images (superimposed video clips). Another level of manipulation will be to apply moving masks to the videos, for example a simple strip (band wipe). What operator is good for that? Composite? In the end I’m looking to manipulate the masks with sound. I learned about the sound more or less, need to know about compositing & 2D effects on multiple clips. Thanks again!

Transform TOP can move things around, or right in the Composite TOP (or Over/Under/Add/etc) you can move a layer using its translate parameters.

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Hi Ben! I see that! Thanks again! Let me show you a basic example of what I’m looking for. They are simple moving masks. I don’t see how to do that with the transform TOP.

The Transforms moves the whole image. I need to move a mask that reveals the image below or above.

Look into the Matte TOP. See some Matte TOP examples in Operator Snippets

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