Conditional Replication?

I’m relatively still new to Touchdesigner, but I was curious: is it possible to have replicator items that are different in type? I would guess no because they’d cease to be a replicant. I have a case where I have mixed media (text, images) that I would want to apply to a geometry but it would seem replication is not suited for it. I’ve looked at some YT vids showing animated typography but I don’t even want to animate it yet, I want to use text tops with moviefilin tops in a specific order. (its the twitch api chat text). But it seems like I should approach the text & images in a seperate manner. tips?

There’s different ways to do it. One way is to make a meta component that has the internals to do any of those tasks. And you handle switching internally for which type it is.

The problem with this is it generally makes your comments and replication heavier.

Other options are to manage multiple separate replicator stacks

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