Confusion on how Parameter Execute DAT works

I’ve created a new Parameter Execute DAT, set the onValueChange function to print par.eval(), dragged in a sibling Text DAT into its OPs parameter, and set its Parameters parameter to text.

In theory, that should print the value of the Text DAT every time it changes, right? It, however, does not.

parexec-example.toe (3.9 KB)

A Text DAT has no text parameter.
The textDAT Class has a Python member text but this is something else and also not monitored by a Parameter Execute DAT .

You could use a Text COMP though, as that has a text parameter

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Yep! That worked, thank you.

Would it be possible to do what I’m trying to do with a Text DAT? I suppose it doesn’t really matter, but I’m just curious. I essentially need to run a python function when text changes.

Check the datExecuteDAT (not the executeDAT :)). It does exactly what you are after.

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