Confusion Ressource and Community posts

I think they are kinda weirdly labeled and mainly the difference between Course and Workshop is a little bit unclear.
Also i have the feeling that some of the stuff under Community Posts fits better into the Ressources categorie. (Assets, Tutorials).

The Resource Posts don’t end up in the community feed and are more static in our mind. They also all go through a submission and approval queue whereas the Community stuff is live feed.

We will be adding many more Resource Post types, we just had to limit the scope to launch. And we might as you suggest have a curated list of community posts that are picked go into this section, we want to see how the community section evolves for a bit.
Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

I think a course is a longer term thing with several dates,
lets say once a week, whereas a workshop is more of a one-off intense session.

Yes, good way of saying it. Or an online course that is re-occurring.