Connect points across on a circleSOP


I am trying to figure out if there is a way to connect points with lines that are on the circle, something like this (Making Mathematics: Connect the Dots Research Setting) with a code expression.
How could I address them individually, since each have a number id, to create different line formations? I looked at Paketa12 tutorial Plexus, but was unable to translate to what I need in my case. Any pointers to tuts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


From a regular polygon SOP (circle sop with 16 divisions), you can extract a DAT with the 16 point, using python, you can reorder the point 5 by 5 and then use a add SOP to draw the polygon.
After that you can use a parameter to change the number of point.
TD-Connect.toe (4.0 KB)

Hi Jacques,

Thank you very much, I found a very similar starting solution to get point data using soptoDAT, but drawing not as elegant as yours! In my case, I am drawing each line individually by referencing point coordinates from the table, a much longer way. I will investigate more addSOP operator and your code, thank you very much for your example file!

DrawingLines.1.toe (4.8 KB)