Connect points to one central point

OK this should be simple… but the solution is eluding me, I have two groups of points in space
one group of random points and another group of one single source point… I want to draw a polygon line between each point and the single point, how do I do it?

It depend of how you “stock” your points. If there is not so many included in a list, as table DAT, you can use add SOP who accept DAT and produce polygon. If you have many included in texture as point cloud, you can use GLSL Mat with geometry shader to create lines.

Yes, I got somewhere with the add SOP, but it’s unclear to me how you specify to connect one group (many points) to another group (one single point) seems like it should be straight-forward

Here is a quick example with add sop and replikator comp.
Works until approximatively 1000 points.
I am working on the GLSL version, 1000000 points…

polyline.toe (4.4 KB)

And the GLSL version. You need the experimental version to open it because I instance points with Top.
Here I make moving points with ramps and noise but it works with any point cloud. The single point is an add Sop but can be any entry.
polylineGLSL.toe (5.2 KB)

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@jacqueshoepffner thanks so much for the explanation! I find the add SOP a bit obscure so this is brilliant! and will work perfectly for my applications as I want a flexible SOP output I can use to drive a particle system