Connecting a Data File to the stoner tool for custom warp mesh

Hello I am trying to create a spherical warp mesh like the mesh warp node in VUO pro. I am attempting to implement the mesh as described by the data file seen in the photo I included as well as from Paul Bourkes’ website. The data file describes a regular x,y grid with each vertex having u,v coordinates. I know VUO created a tool/OP/Node that just implements these data points or coordinates. If they can do it, no doubt Touchdesigner can do it.

My question is can I connect this data file to something like the stoner tool? does this data file go inside the stoner tool and is it something like a TOP or DAT that connects to the tool? What operator would be best for this type of data file? Is the stoner tool the best for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!