Connecting Ableton to Touchdesigner on two devices?

I would like connect Ableton to Touchdesigner on two devices, but all the solutions I’ve found connect Ableton and touch on the same device.

I would like the MIDI data from Ableton to be inputted in tounchdesigner in real time to control my setting.

How do I do it?

It works pretty seamlessly between my Mac running Live and PC running TD on my wireless LAN so as long as you have all the ports and IP4 addresses set up right per the wiki instructions it will work. I would go step by step very slowly through the wiki instructions for TD Ableton. It is probably a network setup problem - try pinging etc. Also I found setting fixed IP4 addresses for both Mac and PC made repeatability easier.


Yep, as @gordharris says, it’s just a matter of setting up the network settings on the TDAbleton master.

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