Connecting Leap Motion and Touch Designer on M2 Mac

Could we please have the Leap Motion chop and top enabled for Mac m2 chips!! I got the leap motion to work on my m2 Mac, it would be nice to have touchdesigner working with it too!!

You’ll be able to use Leap Motion again on Apple Silicon in upcoming versions of 2023 TouchDesigner. Leap Motion only just updated their drivers to support v5 Gemini tracking on Apple Silicon over the past couple of months, that was the reason for its omission in previous versions.

Thanks for letting me know.
How soon should the update happen for TouchDesigner and what is it that I can do in the meantime?

We do not have a release date yet, but the new feature will be in the next experimental build we post.

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+1 for LEAP on Apple Silicon in TD

Is there any algorithm I can use in the meantime to be able to connect leap to touch designer, I’m working on a project and this is very much a required step.

@Janhvivg Leap Motion support for macOS Apple Silicon has been added to our 2023 Experimental builds. You can give it a try but downloading this build.


For anyone having trouble getting Leap Motion to work in the latest experimental build, here’s how I got it to work (Mac Studio M1, Sonoma 14.0):

Check the SDK version in the Leap Motion TOP:

CleanShot 2023-11-02 at 19.04.42

Go to the Gemini download page at: Gemini Downloads – Ultraleap

Right click to copy the link (current version is v5.16.0) on the MacOS Download button and change the version=5.16.0 to match the SDK version in the TOP info, version=5.14.0 … Download and install.

Using terminal, copy libLeapC files to TD Framework folder:

cd /Applications/Ultraleap\ Hand\ Tracking\
cp libLeapC.* /Applications/TouchDesigner\

Copying the files with Finder was not working for me.

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