Connecting vision pro with TD

I have been working on setting up a feedback loop to connect Apple’s Vision PRO to Touch Designer for audio and visual modifications in real time using the built-in sensor capacity (Lidar, microphone, image sequencing, object tracking, etc) of the headset.

I noticed that TD already has an Oculus parameter. Is it possible to connect the Vision Pro in a similar fashion?

I’m also developing the script to set up a WebSocket server in TD that can send and receive values from the online HTTp server that I’m developing with my Vision Pro application. is there any knowledge base available to help me write the fetch and parsing out this info?

Hi @Ronnie000,

there is no current way to connect Apple’s Vision Pro to a computer for content generation.
I’m not even sure if that would ever be possible given the Hardware architecture of the Vision Pro.

Regarding creating a websocket server - the Web Server DAT can serve as that and in it’s callbacks has the functions to deal with all websocket related requests:

def onWebSocketOpen(webServerDAT, client, uri):

def onWebSocketClose(webServerDAT, client):

def onWebSocketReceiveText(webServerDAT, client, data):
	webServerDAT.webSocketSendText(client, data)

def onWebSocketReceiveBinary(webServerDAT, client, data):
	webServerDAT.webSocketSendBinary(client, data)

def onWebSocketReceivePing(webServerDAT, client, data):
	webServerDAT.webSocketSendPong(client, data=data);

def onWebSocketReceivePong(webServerDAT, client, data):

Since you have an http server though, would you not just need a websocket client to connect to that one? The Websocket DAT itself would be the one to look at for that.