Connection line thickness + general accessibility

Hey TD,

I would love there to be a way to change the thickness of the connection lines between operators. At the moment, its hard to see them when a backdrop is there, it makes tutorials tough to record, plus it fails a lot of accessibility guidelines (such as WCAG) to have a purple 1px line on a black background too.

As an extended ask, I would love for there to be more accessibility settings such as the ability to alter font sizes, theming, etc too, or at least have the default theme be accessible.


Thanks for the excellent suggestion. We’ve logged it to be made adjustable.

Have you looked at ui.colors?
It’s a dictionary of all color definitions used in the UI:

Similarly, more options available in:

Alternatively some DAT font sizes can be adjusted in the Edit->Preferences Dialog.

Thanks for your suggestions,



Thanks for putting it into the log, Rob! I did see the Colors and Options classes but it’s a fairly advanced way to have to edit the UI itself. I’m preparing to teach a beginners TD class and was hoping for something that was more standard. I love TD but having the default look fail accessibility guidelines is, at best, making it harder for new users to get started, and at worst, it could be a legal issue (ADA violation, etc). Even a basic zoom in/out mode and higher contrast colors would fix a lot of the issues I’m having!