Connection with 2computer TD + Maxmsp(Ableton live)

Hi i have a question for the hardware setup. I need some referance to set up. I want to control the audio with mac so, finally I need two computers.

My idea is

Macbook for Audio Signal design(Maxmsp or Ableton) / PC for visual desgin(TD)

for the performance, I need to stable connection with 2 computers, This is my first time to connect with 2pcs. I found some referances, Osc connection, and TDableton, with locals
I dont know how to connect different computers environment, I think connect with Osc and send / receive signal. could you share some idea of stable hardware connection, and referances!


Hardware-wise, you just need a fast network. TDAbleton will do a lot of the connection stuff for you. It uses OSC, but if you prefer you can build the connection yourself. I recommend using MAX devices, as you say.