Constraint Simulation Tool - 2021-08-08 03:37

Constraint Simulation Tool

Link to main site

Epic! thanks heaps for sharing :slight_smile:

has anyone been able to use it? I have the project running and no errors appear…

There is a Expected Input > Polygonial SOP in INFORMATION dat. But where do I connect this SOP?

Wonderful TOX. So powerful and elegant… and fun to play with in 3D . Thank you very much Josef! I just made my first piece with it on YouTube VR - see @tdvr channel if interested. It is even more amazing in stereoscopy with Oculus Quest2.

@gonzzaa Just connect it to a SOP you made or a SOP generator from Op Create Dialog like Grid then hit the “Load Input” parameter on the top line of custom parameters under “Simulation” page in parameters window. Then move “Restlength Scale” and other parameter sliders to make it react. You have to hit “Load Input” pulse each time to start the simulation again. Play with the custom parmaters to get a feel for it. If you look in the examples in Josef’s “constraint_simulation_tool.toe” after unzipping he shows many ways to use it. I suggest working through his examples under “The Tool” network box one at a time to understand it. It wants polygonal models. Here are three examples I made that work just fine:
I highly recommend Josef’s TOX as it is incredibly powerful and fast and beautiful. Thanks again Josef for making this!

Hope this helps. Have fun.