Container has limited active area to pick render

Hello I am using a container to make a sequencer following the awesome tutorial

Ive gotten to the point where I need to return the IDs for each of the textures in the grid with a render picker however when I view the parent container and try and select something it only “selects” in the a small region at the top of the viewer almost as if there is some resolution mismatch (i have double checked the parent container size is being referenced by the render). Though when I click and hold in this active region and drag across the view of the container i can see it return the correct IDs

I hope this is a clear description, im still very new so i hope i used the right terms. I have a image of the render picker and container view here

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Which build are you using? And do you have any ‘Display Scaling’ going on in Windows Display Settings. Try 100% and see if it behaves normally, it could be a bug with display scaling.

If not, please post your toe file so we can have a look to see if its setup related.

Thanks Ben, made sure there wasn’t any windows scaling and the issue seems to still persist.

Here is the file:

The issue was inside you have a container1 COMP that has its display turned on, so it is capturing the interactions in the area it is defined in.
I colored it orange here so when you turn it on you can see what is covers, but with its display parameter turned off you can click through it. This is one reason to use Base COMP’s over Container COMPs if you do not need a panel, Base COMP’s will not get in the way of your intentional UI.
sequencer.4.toe (6.9 KB)

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Amazing, thank you so much for the explanation and the tip for next time!