Contextual python console

It would be really useful to have more integration between the editor context and the python console.
Software like Maya/Rhino/Cinema4D/etc, there’s a command input which can operate on whatever is going on in the editor (selected ops, network position/zoom, etc).

TouchDesigner has almost all the infrastructure for that already. The console is a fully functional python interface. But what it lacks is super easy access to the state of the current network editor.

We all have these behaviors that we perform again and again that could really be automated.

  • Create a select TOP pointing to the currently selected TOP
  • Rename all the selected OPs
  • Create some snippet of OPs
  • Create a widget with some preset of some parameters (which you could use to apply a color theme or something).
  • Clear all the parameter expressions from the selected OPs
  • Bind the parameters of the selected OPs to some other parameters

I’ve been working on some “toolbar” components that can handle that kind of thing but at the moment adding new actions to it involves adding functions to a file/DAT manually.
(Also the PaneCLASS)
and this might help also:

and of course:

Basicly everything you want to do can be done already.
I built a tool to map op-creation to midi-notes, with autoconnect and alignment. Its open to check out:

Alphamoonbase: Looks very interesting. I have an Akai MPD26 I used with Max MSP. Is that what you were using in your video? I figured it would be ideal for TD too… but have not interfaced it yet. Thanks for your video and .tox file.

If anyone else has an Akai MPD26 I did my first little interface midi map for it. I hope to use this for visual music control. If anyone has mapped velocity, pressure etc would love to see it. MPD26.toe (3.8 KB)

This one is slightly improved with a UI showing controls, in case anyone else uses an MPD26.MPD26.104.toe (587.5 KB)