Continual crashes on new PC laptop

I bought a laptop PC exclusively for my Touchdesigner projects, and unfortunately the first two projects that I have transferred result in crashes. The first project crashes when I zoom out from the network view; and the second one gives me the error codes. I have upgraded to the latest graphic driver; after reading some posts in this forum, I have downgraded to the 512… driver, but my files still crash.

What surprises me is that Touchdesigner has never crashed before on my Mac computer, but now does on this beast of a laptop…

Here are my specs :
Lenovo Legion 7i Gen7
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-12900HX
32.0 GB RAM
NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU
Windows 11 Pro

Screenshot 2023-01-12 140817

What build are you using, have you tried 2022.31030?

You can update to the latest Nvidia drivers now as we worked around a previous bug that required drivers 512.

Often with new Windows laptops there is bloatware that causes problems. You can search this forum for “bloatware” and find many examples of things to uninstall.
Personally, whenever I get a new Windows laptop from the manufacturer, the first thing to do is reinstall Windows from Microsoft without any of the manufacturer bloatware that comes pre-bundled. It’s a pain, but this is the reality of Windows laptops.

Yes, I am on the latest build (2022.31030).
So the problem would be bloatware? I will look into it. Thank you!

It sounds like drivers/bloatware if it is that crashy. Can’t be sure but that is the first thing to try.