Control a Tab without mouse click

I am trying to control a tab widget without the input of mouse-events. A control via python or using chop is what I need.
In the attached example is my tab with several buttons.
How can I switch the tabs using an index?

Thanks in advance!

TabExample.toe (8.1 KB)

Sorry, but I doesn’t understand your request.
By what do you want to replace the mouse-events? Midi in? OSC in? …
Perhaps be more specific.

Thanks for joining in.

I need to chage the selected Tab with a chop or a dat.
So that when I send a 3 from python or from chop the selected tab jumps to index 3.

Hope that explains it a little better.

Its difficult to work with your example, because I doesn’t understand where it come from (which original widget you are using) and what are the different functions.
But as a guide, I personnaly never use widget, because they are made for one use with some tweaks but never adapted to my proper wishes and very difficult to adapt.
I prefer to start from scratch and make my proper UI tools.
Here is a quick example of buttons with a table to change number and name, working with mouse events and with chop input.
choice.tox (2.7 KB)

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Perfect, thanks a lot!

I also always have problems with the adaptation of the widgets.

This was very helpful!!!

Hi Johnatan

The component in your example is actually a TUIK component, which is a much older UI set. If you use the actual Widget (palette>UI>Basic Widgets>folderTabs) it is quite easy to set the active tab just using the value parameter.

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Thanks a lot, good to know!