Control several stepper motors

Hi community,
I am working on a video projection on a dynamic surface controlled with stepper motors.
I found this tutorial great, but I am wondering how this would work with several stepper motors. Does someone has documentation on this?
Thanks for your help

I think you forgot to attach the link to that tutorial.

Without knowing that, my answer is that yes is possible, and that it depends on what type of communication you have set up between TD and Arduino (serial, midi, OSC…).

But generally speaking yes it’s possible, just send all the values / channels to Arduino, make sure that your Arduino code receives all the values and that it sends the appropriate value to the allocated steppers.

Sorry, very generic answer, but I hope it helps!

Thanks for your answer.
I guess my question would be more regarding how to connect the motors to the motor drive. Maybe do you have some reference so I could learn a bit more about motors. This link would be to connect 2 motors: How to Wiring two Stepper motors on a Single Axis Spinning in Opposite with Single Driver - YouTube
But I am wondering how it would work with 10 motors for example.
Thanks for you r help.