Control Voltage (Eurorack) in and out of TD?

What are people’s recommendations for this?

For output - I have a Motu ES828 sound card which can send CV out from Ableton’s CV Tools. I don’t want to use TDAbleton just to do this.

Can Ableton send CV level signals out? I’m surprised there isn’t a dedicated CV OUT CHOP

And for receiving. I use LZX video synthesisers which run on Eurorack control voltages, and love to integrate that expanding analogue video world with TD. There’s only one device people really use to receive CV into a computer, the ES8 - Expert Sleepers - ES-8 USB Audio Interface . But is it possible to have TD interact with this (again, if only there a CV in CHOP for it, rather than having to go through another program).

If you’ve tried this workflow, I would love to hear about it.

Did you try simply using the Audio Device In and Out CHOPs? The signal should come through from the Motu directly into the Device In CHOP and CHOPs can handle any values so it should work out of the box.

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yes for input you should just use the audio device in CHOP - for some more info also see this thread Eurorack CV and touchdesigner

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This is great news on input, thank you! I wonder what my options are for output - Audio CHOP out won’t be high enough voltage for eurorack without a separate audio-eurorack module. I have DC-coupled outputs on my soundcard, so is there a way to harness them to send CV, as I can in Ableton etc?

(In case any TD crew are seeing this, and this is a feature that might come down the line - something similar to the Laser CHOP - my suggestion is for a voltage-scaling option to 1v, the video synthesizer standard, as well as the Eurorack 10/12v).

Not really the only one AC/DC - Befaco

While CV input through an interfave may get you there, I would strongly consider a CV to MIDI module like Befaco CV Thing. It’s affordable (specially DIY kit), highly configurable (note, CC, chords, ranges, presets, etc) and you get 8 cv inputs in just 6HP. It’s plug and play with TD.
I have ES-9 inputs fully packed with audio inputs so I went with it, managing CV In is more convoluted than MIDI usually so I’m really happy with it.

For CV out, you could go for the MIDI to CV route too, but it’s easy just to send MIDI to Ableton internally and use CV tools from there. Once you configure it on both TD and Ableton, you can create a container in TD with as many outputs Motu has and plug the modulation CHOPs directly.

In my case, I use Ableton for audio input, then envelop followers per track and send that MIDI CC out to TD. On top of being the video/light control, TD is also my MIDI hub since I can adjust ranges, add comparators, logic or any kind of interaction way more easily. I can also make my MIDI controllers smarter.

A cheap way to get CV in to Touch would be to use an Arduino with Firmata firmware flashed to it. then, you would be able to receive CV inputs via the Arduino analog I/O pins and monitor those pins via the Firmata pallette item.Palette:firmata Ext | Derivative

Make sure you only send voltages between 0v and 5v though.

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