control wireless Philips Hue lights

Philips Hue smart lights are intended to be used in homes / studios. The devices come in many varieties - individual lamps, outdoor lights, LED strip lights, etc. These are synchronized by communicating with an additional device called a Bridge. A single Bridge can control up to 50 lights. There are many stand alone applications to drive Hue Lights, and this repo aims to provide some additional control by exposing those controls through TouchDesigner. In order to do this, we use the phue library. There is some additional set-up required in order to use an external library, though hopefully much of this is now streamlined.

This TOX provides global control for all lights, or individual control for single lights.

clone or download from github

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Downloaded and everything is running smoothly, thanks for this!!

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So glad it’s still working out of the box :slight_smile: