Controling Qsys (TCP/IP)

Does anyone have experience connecting Touchdesigner and Qsys. I’m trying to control the Qsys from Touchdesigner using their control protocol. The TCP connection looks like it’s being made, then disconnected, then made again, and it’s happy to report that back to me. I can even see the connection being made in the Qsys logs. But my commands aren’t getting a response. Commands are working when I use telnet. Here is a super pared down version of what I’m trying to do. Sending the ‘sg’ identifier command. Any help or places to go look would be appreciated.

NewProject.toe (4.1 KB)

The qsys control protocol for anyones interest.

You have to append a newline character as the message terminator, otherwise the receiver will not interpret the message and instead waitd for the terminator.
Try using send(message, terminator ="\n")

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Thank you! I always miss the terminators. appreciate it.

A lot of this also kind of comes from the Qsys side. If you fancy yourself a good lua programmer, you can pretty easily open a socket in qsys from lua scripts. At that point you can parse any kind of data you want (UDP, JSON, or whatever makes sense for you). Not to drive you away from the built in Qsys controls, but the flexibility of qsys integration goes way up when you write a little bit of custom QSys lua script.