Controlling Ableton play position from TouchDesigner

I’ve set up a 24hour timeline in Ableton and would like to control Ableton’s play position from TouchDesigner…

From TouchDesigner i’ve set up a clock CHOP where I:

  1. calculte [hour+min+sec+msec] in seconds
  2. range-map the resulting seconds via a Math CHOP
  3. send a play-position to Ableton via an OSCout DAT
  • Once received in ableton i’m stuck as there doesn’t seem to be a way to make the received OSC messages drive the play-position :confused:

Therefore I started looking into the TDAbleton package but now i’m a bit lost on where to start overriding the needed functions… Inside the Live Object Model (LOM) I guess i somehow need to update the “current_song_time” property (as found here: LOM - The Live Object Model - Max 7 Documentation)

Does anyone have an idea on if this is possible in some way?

If so, you would definitely make my day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In the mean time i managed to get this working: TouchDesigner Clock-CHOP (hour, min, sec, msec) is now driving Ableton’s play position in a 24hour arrangement view. See quick (and dirty) edits to /project1/tdAbletonPackage/abletonParameter1/AbletonParameterExt below:

Just replaced the lomExpression with the ‘SONG’ object aka the “Live set” as found here: LOM - The Live Object Model - Max 7 Documentation. If you search through this Live Object Model documentation, you’ll find needed property under " current_song_time". You can quickly confirm this by letting Ableton play while opening the Console (found on tdAbletonPackage’s custom pars page) in Touchdesigner:

For Valuesend (see first picture) i’m setting the parMax to 246060=86400 as thats the amount of seconds in one day… By creating a quick CHOP-network that outputs the amount of passed (mili)seconds for that day we can start driving the Valuesend par, which in turn will drive Ableton’s play position :partying_face: