Controlling long (song length) automations/animations using Ableton

@Ivan posting in the forum to reference the question from the InSession earlier.

Original Question:
“Can you export long automations from Ableton to TD? For example, having a lowpass filter open up over a whole minute (instead of 600 frames) and controlling a TOP?”

Basically in Ableton we’re used to being able to animate dynamically over any period of time. I’m looking for the ability to tell a visual “story” along with music, so to speak. When I saw the Animation node I see so much potential, then I found TDAbleton and it blew me away. So, thank you for putting together such an awesome resource. I would love to be able to use it to the fullest potential. What different methods would you recommend experimenting with for this scope of control? Thanks :slight_smile:

You can’t exactly “export” an animation from Ableton, but you can follow it in realtime quite easily by setting up an abletonParameter component that is pointing to your lowpass filter’s parameter. Or even better, put your filter in a TDA rack using the abletonRack component, and map the filter parameter to one of the rack macros.
TDAbleton is mostly designed to watch the important parts of your Live set and bring the data into TD for use in realtime graphics. If you have trouble watching any element of your live set from Live, let me know.

Also, the length of the TouchDesigner timeline can be controlled by simply changing its values in the entry areas at the bottom of the editor.