Controlling TD from Ableton (TDAbleton 2 way control)


I am looking to control different visual parameters from Ableton so I can perform the audio and visuals all from Ableton. TDAbleton does not seem to allow 2-way communication (controlling TD faders from an Ableton effect rack) so was wondering if there are any other ways I could do this or would I have to write a custom Max-for-Live patch that controls TD via OSC?


do a bit more digging into TDAbleton. There are a number of compenents that connect to the device racks, as well as direct OSC max4live plugins that can be used to generate OSC from any parameter in Ableton. I’d look into using macros in ableton connected to a rack, that can be used to drive parameters in both Touch and Ableton

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Yep, you just want the AbletonRack component. There are examples of its use in the TDAbletonDemo set. All the Macro controls are two way and highly efficient, so you can make as many of them as you need.

Ah perfect thats just what I was looking for

Thanks for the help!