Controlling Timer CHOP Externally

At the Summit, there was discussion about wanting to control the Timer CHOP externally via a ramp in a CHOP or something like that. In the past there was the request to play the Timer CHOP backwards (assuming its timing is fully determinate (no uncertain number of cycles).

There has been a way but it’s not obvious: the goTo() function of the Timer CHOP lets you jump anywhere. You’d do something like this: In an Execute DAT, in the function onFrameStart(), put something like: timer.goTo(seconds=op(‘myTimeRamp’)[0])

In this way you can run it backward too. I haven’t seen any side effects of doing this, let me know if you do with your more scrutinous eyes.

As you called out, the Timer CHOP should have an external CHOP control. As soon as we can schedule it, we will add an External page with the same 4 parameters that are on the palette moviePlayer component’s External page: External Control on/off, CHOP path, channel name (optional) and Units (seconds, fraction, frames).

+1 for the external CHOP control - great to hear that’s coming!

The Timer CHOP in Experimental now has the option of External Control via a CHOP channel expressed in seconds, frames or fraction.

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