Convert an animated FBX to particles

Hey !
Before starting, I found some directions on how to solve my issue but I couldn’t figure them out for my use case
I have an animated FBX and I’d like to juste particle all that and like have the controls on how it blow.
My issues are that if I particle the mesh from a part of my FBX by zooming super low level, the bonegroup stop working with a Warning : No capture Attribute exist, I tried other workflow, other tips but could find my way out.

I was quite close from another thread here, but I didn’t understood where to link the Geo Path.

I’m quite newbie to TD so I may forget something very basic here.
If you have any clue or any help that would be amazing, I can send the FBX is needed.

Thanks :pray::dromedary_camel:

Without a toe/FBX file it’s hard to say where exactly the issue is. Did you take a look at the toe file I attached in the other thread?

Hey sorry for the late answer. I couldn’t download the FBX from the other file as the wetransfer was expired :frowning_face:

Would you mind to take an eye on mine ?

You can substitute it with your own FBX file. The toe file mainly showcases the workflow.

It didn’t worked when I tried, I’ll retry tomorrow, thanks !

Which part didn’t work?

I don’t know what should be my Geo Path in the Import Select Operator. Yours say /Ch36/Ch36

That value is specific to your FBX file. If you tap the arrow on the right of the parameter it will give a drop-down menu of all the available mesh assets. If there are multiple, you want the one with the capture attributes for animation.

Well you mean this Text Operator ? I taped on the red down arrow on the top right of my FBX

No, I mean the arrow next to the Geo Path parameter on the Import Select SOP.

Wooooow thanks a LOT !! It works ! The only thing now is that my FBX is splitted in parts (head, body, etc.) and I can only pick one to particles. Is there a way to all the meshes in TD or should I rework my files outside ?

You may be able to get away with using a Merge SOP to combine them, but if the meshes are part of different transform hierarchies that aren’t baked in then things may not line up properly.

Yep I kinda managed it finally with Merge ! Thanks again a LOT for your help and your time !