Convert top to sop


Hi i recently start to facing touch designer and as long as i work with Blender and other artists i would like to understand how can i convert my 3D particle system based on tops to a sop in order to be able to export an fbx file out of it. to me is very important as long as i work with different platforms and artists to achieve better results in our work. thanks in advance for anyone who coul help me with this, i tried ti check but still didn’find a good solution for it.

So far as I’ve ever known, there is no way to do this, and if there is a way I don’t know that is direct/easy. TOPs are purely textures/2D. So they can hold information for 3D (like a point cloud) but I don’t know that you can convert from a texture back to 3D and export it out. Others may have a way, but I don’t think there is one.

if you have information stored in top space that represents points, like a pointcloud, you can instance this data. you can also toptoCHOP, then choptoSOP