Converting Image into Audio and back


I need to find a way to convert an image into audible audio somehow and that back to image. This could be a moving image or a still. Couldn’t make the TOP to CHOP work somehow for audio convertion, or maybe my expectation is too high and this is not as easy to achieve.

Any suggestions, ready TOX or guidance is much appreciated. You can say I’m a newbie and I don’t have much experience in Audio in TD.

Thank in advance!

what are you trying to do?

Audio data to top (keeping the data instact) will be a pixellated mess
An image to audio will probably sound like white noise unless you have specific things/rules/tricks you want to use

To my own surprise the TD banana sounds…bananas. Awesome synth sound.

In the toe you have sound to image and image to sound example to get you started.
I used left and right channels as R and G colors and vice-versa
bananasound.2.toe (6.2 KB)

Philippe, thanks for the reply and the TOE! image-to-audio output is really interesting. what I’m trying to do here is kind of an experiment to see if I’ll achieve the same image after converting it into audio and then back into image in a chain-conversion.

And I’m planning to, maybe afterwards, inject in some audio effects into the chain (to the middle audio) to see the change on the final output image on the other end.

so I’ll need to create a straight chain that goes like image>audio>image. I honestly suspect that it would just work like that, because of the conversion technique used to achieve this in TD, but I’m wondering what will come out :slight_smile:

any further comments out of your experience is much appreciated.

Thanks again!

On top of the banana fx you have the sonar audio sound going to image and then back into the sonar sound intact.

You should have all the bits to start playing :slight_smile:

You might hit some performance problems with bigger images/number of samples; going to and from the cpu to the gpu is a slowish process so maybe some compromises will have to be made if you want to play live with this kind of system.

That is indeed a very good start! But since we are sacrificing 1 channel (Blue) here, when going back it doesn’t give proper image :frowning:

I’m still trying to figure out a way to split the audio into 3 layers to correspond the RGB.

Or perhaps it’s not quite possible to get exactly the same image back when double-converted, since we are losing more stuff than only the Blue channel on the way :\