Copy parameter definitions from non-custom pars

I often have COMPs with custom parameters that mirror those of some OP inside them, sometimes with a prefix (like Circlet[xyz] mapping to the t[xyz] of a transform). The TDJson module and the component editor support copying parameter definitions from other custom parameters, but they don’t support it for copying from non-custom parameters. Is there a reason that non-custom parameters aren’t supported?
Related to that, having scripting access to non-custom pages would be helpful with this sort of thing.

Are you looking to copy just the style of the parameter, or keep their values in sync as well?

The reason non custom parameters aren’t as accessible script wise is that they cover a wider combination of attributes and looks then is supported by the custom ones currently.
As for non-custom pages, the one wrinkle is that they can contain arbitrary hierarchy of pages of pages, so that hasn’t been fully exposed yet.


It would be just copying the definition of the parameter (type, norm range, limit range, defaults, etc). Usually the value ends up being bound but sometimes there are layers of CHOPs in between so that part I would do manually.

Maybe the feature could copy at least a rough equivalent of the parameter styles that aren’t directly supported. So for the special 2D rotation parameters that have the spin control it would just copy them as regular float parameters, but with the same min/max/default.

Upcoming TDJSON will have support for non-custom parameters.