Copy Parameter to specific page


I would like to copy parameters from a COMP to another in a specific page. I used this method here:

copyParameters(OP, custom=True, builtin=True)→ None:

but the problem is that it erases other pages I need to keep. Any better option?



I think the closest would be:

Page.appendPar(name, Par=None, label=None, order=None, replace=True)→ tuplet:

Create a parameter with attributes copied from an existing parameter. Returns the created parameter objects.

There are a number of utilites for this sort of work in the TDJSON module

TDJson is definitely helpful for this, thanks Ivan. Is there a recommended way to iterate through the parameters copied and bind them? Something like::

for inputPar in
inputPar.bindExpr = targetPar

where targetPar is a par object?

Did you ever sort this?