CPlusPlus - custom parameter menu - how to refresh?

I am using a CPlusPlus CHOP with a menu for a custom parameter. How can I update this menu after initialization? For example, I am listing USB devices, how can I provide the updated list of devices to the menu when the user clicks a pulse button? Is there a way to trigger setupParameters to run again?

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I forgot whether it’s possible to do this. Is there an answer?

Hi David. If you are using the CPlusPlusCHOP you can click Re-Init and it will run setupParameters again. For a Custom Op I couldn’t find any way to accomplish the same thing - delete and re-create the node I guess.

Thanks. I expect that this will reset everything in the plugin, which is undesirable. It would be cool to have more control over parameters.

Hey @DavidBraun @tgreiser

I had a talk with the developers here and this feature doesn’t seem available with the current C++ SDK. I have added a request for improvements in our RFE list.

If I understand correctly, what you are trying to achieve is something similar to the NDI In TOP where the list of senders is being updated without having to delete/recreate the TOP, right ?


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Correct. One feature is can a menu parameter be updated continuously and the other is can parameters be added or deleted dynamically.

@JetXS - yes, exactly. Showing a menu of USB devices and I want to be able to click a button and update the menu with the current devices. Currently I can only list devices connected when the Custom Op was created.

Hey @JetXS
Has there been any update on this topic? Just curious as it would make my component a little more user friendly. Looking to have the same type of behavior on a string menu parameter for selecting input channels as there is in a select CHOP.
Just curious

Hey @alexlu

I checked with the team and they were unfortunately no update on that front in the Cpp SDK.