cppParsTemplateGen needs TD namespace for TD types

I went to use the cppParsTemplateGen component for the first time and I wasn’t able to compile due to the various TD types declared and used not being in the TD namespace. I was able to resolve the issue by declaring the OP_Inputs and OP_ParameterManager in the TD namespace at the top of Parameters.h :

namespace TD
class OP_Inputs;
class OP_ParameterManager;

Of course all the following references needed to use the namespace as well (in the Parameters header and source files).

Also I found the the component didn’t properly parse menu items and it ended up adding a bunch of quote and commas to both the enum class definitions and the names and labels definitions which I manually had to remove.

Otherwise super nice tool for building parameters!

Also I noticed that the ‘eval’ functions that get created have a single argument of the type const TD::OP_Inputs* with the name input but I would expect the name to be inputs.

Thanks, added to our task list