Crash on MacOS with Vulcan Device Error 2023.11760, Likely GPU OOM


When instancing a large number of circles using the line mesh I get a popup with “Vulcan Device Error” and TD is locked up. I’m new to touchdesigner, is it expected behavior to get crashes when GPU Memory is exhausted?

To Reproduce:

  • Add Circle SOP
  • Add Geometry, attached to the Circle
  • Add Line Mesh
  • Attach the Line Mesh as the Geometry render material
  • Enable Instancing in Geometry
  • Add the Circle to Geometry’s Translate OP Param
  • Set Geometry’s Translate X to “P(0)”
  • Finally, go the circle and bump the divisions parameter to ~4000.

MacOS: M1 Max 32GB RAM, Sonoma 14.5

Hi @spwilson27

I’m unable to reproduce with an M1 Mini, going to check internally and see if someone can reproduce with a Max.

Could you share your exact sample file right before the crash so that we can make sure we are looking at the same thing ?


Oops, I may have typo’d 4000. It looks like I need 40,000 to introduce the failure. Here’s the project prepped. (Just need to update divisions to 40000.)
Setup.toe (3.9 KB)

I’ll test this again but…

Note: if you want to create 4000 instances of a circle, don’t create 4000 instances of a circle with 4000 vertices.

Just keep a simple circle at 40 divisions and create another circle that you use to drive those instances, which can be 4000 divs.

Makes sense ? If that’s what you are after.

Agreed, this wasn’t something I should be doing - I was just surprised that it crashed ungracefully. I was hoping there’d be some way to pause cooking and undo a bad connection if something like this happens.