Crash on Window Placement Dialog

I am using a window comp that I have added, and removed the project default, it opens on perform mode, but when I open the window placement dialog, it halts, and then causes my entire system crash (restart)

build “TouchDesigner.2023.11760.arm64”
System, Mac Pro M3

How to reproduce:
1- open window placement dialog
2- go on the perform mode tab by clicking on the tab (opens the separate perform screen)
3- don’t close anything, don’t use keyboard, just click on the Designer tab
4-system crash (tried 3x)

Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 7.31.43 PM

Hi - sorry you’ve encountered this. Would you be able to share a project with the Window COMP setup you’re seeing this with? Either attach it here or e-mail and reference this forum thread. Thanks.