Crash when "quit" with videodevice top

Version 2022.26590 arm64 on a MacBook Pro 2020 12.1
Only a videodevicein top with faceTime HD cam selected, all work fine (other virtual cams work fine too), but when I quit, an empty warning message appears, then I accepted and TD crash. I can saved normally too.

I installed same version but intel in the same macbook, and no problem when I quit.

Hey @damiannogueiras

Thanks for the report.

I’ve logged an issue for us to try and reproduce on similar hardware.

When the crash occurred, did you get a crash report? can you share it if any? You can find the crash reports via Applications->Utilities->Console. Look for a TouchDesigner crash report under Crash Reports in Catalina or later, and under User Reports in Mojave and earlier builds.


I have tried to recreated this on my MacBook Pro with no success. Could you update to macOS 12.5 just in case this is affecting you. The first early versions of macOS 12 were quite buggy, I’d recommend 12.5 for many reasons not just TouchDesigner.

The problem was a virtual cam (reincubate). When I remove the plugin, TD closed without crash.
There is a post (May 28) similar: fixed-video-device-in-top-crashes-td-when-using-certain-virtual-cameras-snap-camera (sorry, I can´t post link)