Crashing on Mac Pro

I reported this to but I have not heard anything back.

I have a Mac Pro running Touch designer that is consistently crashing after running for a while. The file that is running has been running on a Mac mini for over a week. The only difference is that Mac hardware and that the Mac Mini is not able to keep up with the frame rate. Both are running the same DeckLink drivers but they do have different generations of DeckLink cards.

I really need to get this deployed in the next 2 weeks or the project will have to get pushed back.
TouchDesigner099_2019-07-17-185237_Carmel-Production-Lyrics-Touch-Designer-Mac-Pro.crash (142 KB)
TouchDesigner099_2019-07-14-110836_Carmel-Production-Lyrics-Touch-Designer-Mac-Pro.crash (133 KB)
TouchDesigner099_2019-07-14-111850_Carmel-Production-Lyrics-Touch-Designer-Mac-Pro.crash (130 KB)

I noticed that the video device in was not set to deinterlace but the signal is interlaced. Changing that setting improved performance but didn’t fix the crashing.
TouchDesigner099_2019-07-20-132256_Carmel-Production-Lyrics-Touch-Designer-Mac-Pro.crash (148 KB)

This morning I made a few more design changes and it stopped crashing. It ran for several hours before I left.

I did change the video device in transfer mode form automatic to synchronous from cpu and the video device out transfer mode to asynchronous.

I will be back in the venue in a couple of days and I’ll check the server to see if it is still running.

I would still like to know why it was crashing in case this happens again.

Hi, I apologized for the delay in response, I just replied to your support post. Unfortunately we were not able to find a cause for the crash, other than that it was downloading data to the GPU.

Specifically, this is a bug I’ve seen a few times and so far I’m unable to find a cause for it. Usually when I see this kind of thing it ends up being a GPU Driver bug, but since Apple doesn’t support OpenGL anymore it’s unlikely we can get it fixed unfortunately.