Create GLSL vertex points/normals list/DAT

HI! I am still pretty lost in the glsl world so sorry if this question is vague/incorrect…maybe you can point me to the right direction to solve or even ask this…

I am currently working on an oculus GO app that receives data from TD thru a web server. It works fine receiving realtime kinect CHOPS (so far my HTTP implementation is a bit rough but works fine in realtime :slight_smile: )

My issue is that in TD I’ve implemented a pointcloud system based on this month’s Markus Heckmann’s particle tutorials that works really good but I’ve found no way of taking that in texture (image) format to the oculus go in realtime (as should expected), so I thought to somehow get those particles at my shader or GEO level thru a DAT and reconstruct it directly in the oculus app (I guess I have to reduce the total amount of particles so not to kill my framerate…, but that is a problem to handle when I get the pointcloud there).

BUT, if I attach a DAT to the GEO that gets the data from my glsl I get the point/normals list but everything has a zero value, Is there a way to write those points to a DAT from the vertex/point shader or at another point of the network?

Thanks for your time!


Hi Juan,

as all that information is stored in TOPs, you would have to use a TopTo CHOP (which might be slow depending on the amount of particles you have) and then send that over. Otherwise approaching this via python would be getting the texture data via the numpyArray() Method of the TOP and send that data across.

Are you using the WebServer DAT for your connection to the Oculus Go?