Create Instances of Particle SOP based on table rows

I have a table DAT of rows representing x and y coordinates. I now want to create a particle SOP for each row and use the x and y coordinates has translations for the particle emitters. The number of rows in the table are dynamic so I need the number of Particle SOP to increase and decrease as rows are added and removed from the table.

I first tried using Geometry instancing (Put one Particle SOP into a Geometry COMP and turn on instancing). This results in an instance of each particle SOP but the particles created by that SOP all move with the emitter. Instead I want only the point of emission to be translated while the particles created remain where they were born.

You should be able to use the DAT to SOP to convert from a table to point positions that you can use for a particle system. The catch here is to remember that the normal for a point provides the direction for the particle emission. So in addition to having a point positions, you’ll also need to specify a normal so your particle has a direction and a velocity. This is the kind of idea that you might explore a little more:

base_table_to_particle_emitter.tox (1.2 KB)

This is perfect! thank you!