Create unique segments and coloring them separately

HI there,

I want to build a project, where people could interact with the segments (stones) of an ancient wall, by recoloring them with their movement.

For this, I will need to separate the stones as separate segments, but so far I could not find a way to create custom segments with very different shapes.
Is there a way to apply some map (like providing the edges of the stones) for TD to create separate segments from it? After this, what would be the best way to recolor those separately?

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Hi @ruidruid,

in what format is the stone wall represented in? Is it a model or just a texture?


Hi @snaut,

It is a very dense stone wall. At the moment I have only a jpg picture, I uploaded it here: fal1 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
Please disregard the cable and the tree parts, those will be removed by the time of the event.

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Hi @ruidruid,

you could try if the Trace SOP would be able to get enough detail from the wall to create primitives of the stones. While not precise, this might be good enough for your purpose.

How are people being tracked?


Hi Markus,

I will definitely try it, i need to create a proper mask for the stones beforehand.

I was thinking about create a mask manually in PS whit closed edges to represent individual stones, then maybe applying Blob chop to identify each and a DAT for coloring. The trace SOP would add provide more opportunities but i assume it would be compute intensive as the stones would treated as separate geometric instances, right?

People will be probably tracked with Kinects, but i am afraid that i have to face some limitations, as this wall is quite wide, therefore i may need two Kinects to cover the area. I was also thinking about object detection (Mediapipe, Nvidia blob tracking) but those are very dependant on the light, and i do not want to direct much light on the audience.


hi @snaut ,

I have tried a couple of techniques, i am uploading the toe file to provide a better understanding.

  1. Blob track - blob track container - i tried to create a mask, apply blob tracking, and create a random color table but I have not succeeded with color application on them. Also created a trace SOP, it seems that those could be better bases but I have no clue how could I apply color to them.
  2. Removing the cement between the stones. bgtest container - I tried to remove the cement between the stones. In the long run, it could be a good base to apply some kind of light that could light through those holes.

Your help with the first one would be cool as I am stuck with applying the colors to the primitives created by the Trace SOP. Thanks a lot! (1.1 MB)

Hi @ruidruid,

the general idea is in the attached file here. But the main issue is still that reliably creating shapes from the image is not a safe method. You would want to use illustrator or something to create distinctive shapes first and then pass them into the trace.
But this might be a start.

stonewall_light_test.toe (8.0 KB)

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Hi Markus,

Thank you a lot for your time and dedication!!!
You are correct, i already created a mask in Photoshop, as well as an extruded model in cinema 4D.
With the sort SOP and your technique i can even define the point where the indexing will start, so I can track the movement as well!

I also tried to apply this and this technique to my model, to scale/move/color the stones separately, but it seems that it has waay too many primitives. Maybe you have any idea how to reduce those systematically?

I know that it is a different topic, I already owe you!

Thanks again, you are a pro! :slight_smile: (3.8 MB)