Creating a looping movie export

Hey friends!
As the topic says, I’m trying to create a looping movie file export using operators in my network. I’m not sure where in my network I would set up the baseCOMP I made (following Bileam Tschepe’s tutorial on exporting) as Im not using a geoCOMP. Any help would be appreciated!

Hey, it’s probably easier for people to help if you post your .toe file here so we can actually see what you are trying to do, as not everybody knows the tutorial you are doing.

You can set a Movie File In TOP to looping playback by setting its Extend right parameter (on the Trim page) to “cycle”, does that help?

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Oh! Right.

Bileam_tut_var1.toe (4.6 KB)

Ahh I see. Where would I place the movie file in TOP in the network?